Within the scope of TEİAŞ National Load Dispatch SCADA / EMS System Project, it is a requirement to establish a communication system between TEİAŞ SCADA system and power generation and energy facilities with autoproducer license (Hydroelectric Power Plants, Wind Energy Plants, Thermal Plant). Our company provides various solutions in this area such as OPGW Communication, PAX Communication, Leased Line communication, PLC communication, and RTU system. Communication between National Control Center (NCC), Emergency State Control Center and Regional Control Center (RCC) is established using channels leased from Turk Telekom, satellite channels (VSAT) and TEDAŞ‘s own fiber-optic channels. In order to increase data security, redundant communication channels are used between NCC and RCC, and between RCC and RTU. Data exchange between Regional Control Centers and RTUs is over power line carrier (PLC) channels, fiber-optics cables of TEDAŞ and channels leased from Turk Telekom A.Ş. Data communication rate of 200, 600, 1200, 2400, 9600, and 19200 bps are used between RCC and RTUs. In Control Centers, RTU links are connected over Telecontrol Interface (TCI) in a way that can be operated as point-to-point or multidrop (party-line). Data communication protocol used in Control Centers is IEC 60870–6 (Inter Control Center Protocol) communication protocol. For communication between RTUs and control centers, IEC 60870-5-101 communication protocol is used for new RTUs, and F4F communication protocol is used for older RTUs.

Information gathered by RTUs located in substations and power plants gets processed and sent to Regional Control Centers and from there to National Load Dispatch and Emergency State Center. Control signals sent from control centers are transmitted to power plants and substations via RTUs. With the help of RTUs, various measurements required for monitoring and operation of National Interconnected Electric Network are gathered. These include values for generator units, active and reactive power values of lines and transformers from plants and substations, busbar voltage values, position details of transformer tap changer, measurements of current and frequency from different centers, additional data regarding plants, information on breaker, disconnector and earth disconnector for determining topology, alarm information and energy measurements. In general, analog measurements are sent to the control center every 10 seconds if certain threshold is exceeded. State and alarm information is sent whenever there is a change in the state. Time-tag information will also be sent to the control center for state and alarm information. RTUs send the occurrence time of state changes to the respective Regional Control Center as „time-stamp“. New RTUs have 1 milliseconds resolution and remote control for time-tagging state and alarm information. We use RTU560 device from ABB in systems we install. We provide solutions for all communication requirements over TEİAŞ OPGW cables. With their advantegous price/ performance ratio and a long list of successful references, UMUX and XMP products which offer SDH and PDH on a single chassis are preferred solutions in TEİAŞ OPGW projects.