Project Management:

Project management consultancy services are necessary and critical to the success of complex projects and give you flexibility and easy way to get project management capacity according to your business need.Kontrolmatik will lead your projects and programmes with passion and high professionalism toward assignment directive and objectives. Project management and coordination are key factors in ensuring the successful execution of projects, and guarantee their completion within budget and schedule. Kontrolmatik‘s project managers provide a focal point of authority and communications for the client‘s team and have prime responsibility for achieving project goals. Kontrolmatik‘s project manager monitors progress and coordinates all efforts in engineering, procurement, construction, schedule, cost control, quality and risk management. The combination of Kontrolmatik‘s experienced, multidiscipline professional staff and advanced engineering methods, under the close monitoring of a project management system, ensure that plant start-up smoothly, provide quality products, are safe to operate, utilize raw materials and energy economically, easy to maintain, and friendly to the environment.

Engineering -Design:

Kontrolmatik brings together professionals with numerous years of consulting and engineering experience in: process, civil, structural, mechanical,piping, instrumentation and computer sciences. Stepping beyond our traditional strengths, we provide a high level of engineering and construction services to various market segments. Modern techniques and computer aided engineering design tools play an important role in Kontrolmatik‘s engineering projects, facilitating the provision of unique engineering solutions.


Kontrolmatik provides procurement services as required for project execution, in close coordination with its clients. The extent and scope of procurement services provided by Kontrolmatik are closely matched to project needs and client requirements.

These may include:

  • Requests for quotation
  • Evaluation of proposals and bids
  • Preparation and follow-up of purchase orders
  • Desk and field expediting
  • Completion of recommended suppliers list
  • Negotiations of final terms of purchase orders and contracts
  • Contract implementation, including approval of interim and final invoices
  • Expediting and quality control
  • Supply coordination and transport

ICS Cyber Security:

Expanding connectivity linking IT and OT with digital and cyber-physical systems means that there is no longer a singular perimeter. With malware capable of self-propagation among devices and malefactors surreptitiously traversing our networks, having gained entry through email phishing, Kontrolmatik offers custom ICS Cyber Security solutions and products for all your cybersecurity needs:
  • RTU/IEDs
  • Industrial Switches and Firewalls for secure communications
  • SCADAGuardian (Nozomi Networks)

Call Center Troubleshooting Solutions:

One of the greatest impediments to providing customers with a consistent and unified omnichannel experience is that every channel runs independently and is not well integrated with other channels. Kontrolmatik offers Call Centers a foundation for deploying troubleshooting and customer support as part of an agile omnichannel customer experience strategy that is innovating customer.