Apply IoT to your business

IoT solutions can connect you to customers, business operations, and the environment to degree never before realized. Here are some things IoT could do for your business.

Enable innovative new offerings

IoT technology can turn products into services and sales transactions into subscriptions.

Increase business efficiency

Connected sensors and actuators provide data that can reduce waste and adjust operations to changing conditions. Labor-intensive monitoring and meter reading can be delegated to Internet-connected smart meters. In the energy industry, for example, operators use data from in-pipeline sensors and aerial surveys integrated with operational databases to increase the efficiency and safety of employees and the community.

Enhance decision making

IoT solutions can provide the data to make data-driven decisions based on what’s really happening. Product developers can design smart, connected products that report exactly which features their users are using and how. Utilization and wear data for assets lets managers determine where they should be deployed for best return and when they should be retired and replaced. Manufacturers can measure process yields and reject rates and make corrections quickly.

Manage and reduce risk

Sensors can monitor environmental factors and alert facilities and operations managers when unsafe conditions develop. They can spot security threats and speed response. And they can monitor compliance regulations to protect companies from non-compliance.

Kontrolmatik IoT Services:

  • Consultancy: Kontrolmatik offers Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT and IoT consultancy and analysis services.
  • Custom Application Development: Kontrolmatik develops Custom Dashboards, Web Pages, Mobile and Web Applications for your IoT Visualization needs.
  • IoT Software and Hardware: Kontrolmatik has several partnerships with world giant in IT and OT world, we can offer you state-of-the art software and hardware based on your IoT needs.
  • System Integration: Kontrolmatik has years of System Integration experience in both IT and OT which makes us a prefferred partner for your IoT projects.
  • Field Services: Kontrolmatik Field Services and Data Collection experience always support you on field.