Technology is playing a significant role in different aspects of the transportation industry, modern technologies are embraced to increase efficiency, enhance safety, facilitate navigation and improve the quality of journey; at the same time and due to the increasing population, dynamic urban expansion, high fuel prices and endless traffic jams, more people are increasingly relying on different means of public transportation in their daily transitions to save time and money.

As Kontrolmatik, we are working in;

  • Subways
  • LRTs
  • Railways
  • Road Tunnels
  • Bridge
  • Airports
  • Shipping Port
  • Train Stations
  • Among the solutions we provide for transportation sector are;

    • Ligthing Automation
    • Tunnel Ventilation Control
    • Traffic Signallization Systems
    • CCTV
    • Passenger Information Systems
    • Low-Voltage, Mid-Voltage panels and Transformer Center Automation
    • CFD Analysis
    • Fire and Security Systems
    • ECS
    • MCC Panel production
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Electrical and Automation Systems
    • Fan Supplies and HVAC Packages
    • Electrical and Mechanical Design
    • Mechanical Installation and Procurement of Electromechanical Equipments
    • Electrical Installation and Erection
    • Wide Area SCADA Systems
    • Test and Commissioning for Long Distance Electrical Line