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Kontrolmatik provides comprehensive services in various markets such as energy, transportation, mining, process and public service, to decommission from the concept, to support its customers in the entire life cycle of their customers' assets.

The foundations of Kontrolmatik were laid when three young entrepreneurs came together to realize their ideals in 2007 .

The first work that Kontrolmatik, which was established in January 2008 was converted into invoice is Microsoft Head Office Building - Building Automation and Weak Current System project. Kontrolmatik,with this project and with the experience gained from the company they work before for Automation and many projects in Turkey , they completed Azerbaijan Zagalata Airport Airport Building Automation Works, which is the first foreign business, has been signed in January 2008 again with the trust and relationships it provides in these areas. After this work, they continued work in abroad in Libya, Sirte Airport, in Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev Presidential Palace, building automation and electrification works.

In 2010 Kontrolmatik signed business partnerships on a global basis with the industry's leading electrical company ABB Electric Company.

The most important projects that keep a priority in Kontrolmatik's growth strategy in the transport sector as firstly Levent Hisarüstü metro project that Kontrolmatik perform in 2011. It followed by the longest subway line, which is Kartal -Kadıköy Metro with Eurasia Metro Group for ECS and Automation Systems and İkitelli-Olympiyat Metro Line with Gülermak-Doğuş for ECS and Automation Systems works . Along with these works, it took part in the prestigious metro projects in both Asian and European sides of Istanbul and increased his efficiency in the transportation sector, Üsküdar-Ümraniye Metro Line with Doğuş Construction for ECS, Tunnel Ventilation and Control Room, Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy Metro Line with Alarko for LV Panel Systems),. Additinally they worked for TCDD Turkish Railway Authority Telekomand Centers (Çerkezköy, Adana, İzmir, Malatya, Sivas, Ankara) and Tunnel Electromechanical Systems (Istanbul Taksim, Ankara Protocol) projects

As of 2011 , Kontrolmatik has decided to increase its fields of activity and started to work in the Energy sector in addition to the Building Technologies and Transportation Systems sectors. They started by establishing Control Systems in 4 Gas Power Plants of Zorlu Energy, and then completed his first works abroad in this sector with the works of the Power Plant and High Voltage Switchgear Center in the Sulaimaniye and Erbil regions of Iraq.

In 2012 Kontrolmatik increase the activity in Power Plants and High Voltage Switchgear Centers projects abroad, especially in Turkey and Iraq, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, has completed projects in countries such as Jordan.

In 2012, Kontrolmatik signed its first project in Africa for the Tanas Beles Sugar factory in Ethiopia. Later, later they also worked in Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory project, which is a continuation of tprevious one in the same country, and also supported and pioneered the establishment of a local panel manufacturing factory of the state institution

In 2013, Kontrolmatik, which increased its activities in the Energy and Transportation sector, took part in various projects such as tunnel electromechanical projects in Ankara and Istanbul, and the Power Plant in Zonguldak and Siirt and completed the scopes.

In 2014 Eti Kırka Compressor Station, which is the first Turnkey project Kontrolmatik has received its tender from Eti Maden. This project is the first work that Kontrolmatik has completed in all its scope as construction-mechanical-electrical and automation.

In 2014 Completed its first business in Europe in 2014 ** with Limak Pristina Airport Energy Monitoring System.

2015 - Turkey's largest Organized Industrial Zone, which has completed its Ikitelli OSB Energy Management System project. This was one of the largest distribution network in Turkey and the project was one of the biggest Energy Management System project.

In 2016 , 3x175 MW and 2x175 MW,2 Power Plant projects in Africa undertook all EBOP electrical coverage and 220kV High Voltage Switchgear Center and signed the highest consistent contract until that date.

In 2016 , Kontrolmatik, followed the trends of the sectors, opened its Software and IoT department and started to invest in the current trend in Industry 4.0 and Industry in Technology and Cyber ​​Security.

Updating the corporate organizational structure in order to respond to increasing EPC works as of 2017 Kontrolmatik divided the technical activities in the company into 6 departments as Turnkey Projects, Engineering, Testing and Commissioning, Control Systems, Communication Systems, Software and IoT and strengthened its systematic approach. .

2018 In Software and IoT area, For one of the country's most prestigious projects Istanbul Grand Airport project Kontrolmatik served for IOT-Lorawan, Counter Monitoring System project through until conducted one of the largest IOT project in Turkey.

In October 2018,Kontrolmatik signed the contract for 4 132kV GIS & AIS substations to be located in Mosul as part of the reconstruction of Iraq with MOE Ministry of Electricity.. German development bank KfW has undertaken the project financing by consulting and controlling services Fichtner. All the engineering, design, production, construction, installation and commissioning services for turn-key control systems, 132/33/11 kV substations, have been undertaken on turnkey basis. The project has been the largest EPC contract signed by a Turkish firm with MoE as the Substation EPC works in Iraq in recent years.

2019- Kontrolmatik signed partnership agreements with General Electric In Control Systems, , with Nozomi in the cyber security field Networks and with Fortinet, with PSI-Germany in Production Management System, with OSISoft in Data Management Systems in local and global base.

As of 2019 , Kontrolmatik with more than 200 staff consisting of 60% engineers, 4 Technical, 5 Administrative divisions, 4 offices in Dubai, Dortmund, Iraq and Istanbul, and 1 panel factory in Istanbul. With more than 300 projects completed in 24 different countries, it continues at full speed.



Kontrolmatik has been named the 37nd largest System Integrator in the world by Control Engineering, according to their just-released System Integrator Giants 2020 list.


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