Power Distribution and Transmission Sector l Kontrolmatik
  • EPC Substation Gas Insulated (GIS) or Air Insulated (AIS)
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Detailed Design
  • Mechanical Installation and Procurement of Steel, Apparatus and Transformers
  • Electrical Installation and Erection
  • All Secondary Production and Engineering and Commissioning
  • Protection Systems and Primary / Secondary field performance tests
  • Up to 500 kV HIGH Voltage Substation
  • 1-40,5 kV MEDIUM Voltage Systems
  • 0,4 kV LOW Voltage Systems


  • Design and analysis of power systems

  • Short circuit analysis

  • Load flow analysis, load–shedding

  • Stability analysis, transition stability, voltage stability

  • Relay coordination, selectivity analysis

  • Harmonic analysis, electromagnetic transition analysis

  • Design of power systems

  • Grid quality, interconnection works

  • Frequency regulation

  • Power system stability

  • Mathematical modeling of power plants

  • Primary Equipment : Transformer, Circuit Breaker,Disconnector,Current Transformer,Voltage Transformer,Surge Arrester,

  • Mechanichal Installation

  • Steel Works

  • Civil Works

  • Energy SCADA solutions

  • Distribution Management Solution

  • IEC 61850 and communications applications

  • Power quality analysis and modeling

  • Power plants TEİAŞ RTU and communication solutions

  • Power plants TEİAŞ auxiliary services solutions

  • (Primary and secondary frequency control, reactive power control)

  • Substations; secondary project, relay, panel, and

  • Electrification, Cabling

  • Control Protection Panel Solutions

  • Services we provide for power generation plants

  • Design and procurement of control systems

  • Architectural design of control systems

  • Equipment selection of control systems

  • Design and manufacturing of control panels

  • Supply of hardware and software panels

  • Control systems implementation

  • PLC/DCS programming

  • Configuration of hardware/software

  • HMI/console engineering

  • FAT (factory acceptance tests)

  • Start–up and commissioning

  • SAT (site acceptance tests)

  • Commissioning

  • Field services

  • Loop cabling diagrams


We help increase the performance and productivity of power plants, we provide facilities for monitoring and security of switchyards and help delivery of electricity with the lowest possible losses. We achieve these by means of automation systems and electrical infrastructures we design and implement specifically to meet the requirements of our customers operating in the energy sector.


Flexible approach from Single Disciplinary Services up to Turn-key Projects.


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