Transportation Sector l Kontrolmatik

Kontrolmatik provides wide range of services for Transportation:

  • Subways
  • LRTs
  • Railways
  • Road Tunnels
  • Bridge
  • Airports
  • Shipping Ports
  • Train Stations


  • Tunnel Control and SCADA centers
  • Traffic Control and Management Systems
  • Tunnel JetFan Systems
  • Tunnel Lighting Fixtures and Control Systems
  • MV&LV Distribution Switchgears
  • Emergency Power Supply Systems
  • Fire Detection and Fighting Systems
  • IP Camera and CCTV Systems
  • Traffic Signalization Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking and Classification Systems
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Systems ( CFD)
  • Driver Information Systems
  • Communication Infrastructure Systems


  • Total Solution for Electric Systems
  • Distributed RTU structures and control systems
  • Power Factor Correction and Quality solutions
  • Static VAr Compensation Units SVC/SVG/STAATCOM
  • SCADA and power control centers
  • ICCP Tele-control and Telecommand Centers

Metro and Light-Railways Systems

  • SIMS and ECS (Environmental Control System) and mechanical equipment
  • SCADA Systems and related panels
  • In-house design and manufacturing for MDP LDP/MCCs
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Systems ( CFD)
  • Tunnel Ventilation and Smoke Extraction Systems
  • IHK operation scenarios and test procedures
  • Tunnel Fire Fighting scenarios and test procedures
  • Tunnel Ventilation System Panels and its control systems
  • Tunnel JetFan Systems
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Automatic Gate controllers


Lighting Control Tunnel entrance, interior and emergency lighting levels are adjusted according to the outdoor light level.

JetFan Control Ventilation is provided by jet-fans which are activated in case of smoke formation and prevent to possible accumulation of exhaust gases in the tunnel. Jet fans also plays an active role in smoke evacuation in case of fire inside the tunnel. Traffic Signalization Systems The system is control and coordinate to traffic lights, variable speed signals, lane control signals, fog lamps, variable message signals (VMS / VTS) in the tunnel and tunnel en trance. CCTV and Event Detection System The status of the tunnels is examined physically through cameras placed in the tunnel en trance, interior sections and exits. The system continuously tracks the vehicle classifications, accidents, standing vehicles, reverse vehicles detection, pedestrian detection outside the vehicle and vehicle navigation speeds.

Passenger Information Systems Passengers are informed about location of the upcoming vehicle, possible changes for the expedition time and the estimated time of arrival vehicle.

MV&LV Switchgears and Substation Automation Monitoring and controlling of the systems such as transformers, diesel generators, LV and MV switchgears and uninterruptible power supply systems are carried out in order to ensure continuous operation of the entire facility.

CFD Analysis That is the analysis for the evacuation of exhaust gases that can accumulate in the tunnel, smoke emission and calculation of temperature distributions in the case of fire and determination of whether the emergency fans will function as programmed and calculation of actual fan forces and their position changes if necessary. Fire Fighting and Security Systems The fire inside the tunnel is detected as soon as possible and extinguished in the shortest time frame and thus ensure the continuity of tunnel security.

ECS ECS is a common platform for the different monitoring and control systems such as HVAC, plumbing and drainage systems, day/nighttime and emergency lighting systems, fire detection and alarm systems, emergency announcement and evacuation guidance systems, turnstiles, access control and escalators/elevators. The escalators/elevators, turnstiles and access control systems are serving as package type control systems with passenger information interfaces that provides data transfers via standard communication protocols.

MCC Switchgear Manufacturing Motor Control Centers are an integral part of the LV system as well as an important part of the control systems. In all installed MCC systems used standard distribution boards (including Form 4b) have been manufacturing according to IEC 60439-1.

Telecomand and Control Room Solutions Kontrolmatik provides all the solutions you need with its expert staff in control and management centers.

Videowall Systems (DLP cube) DLP cube solutions are more professional imaging systems than LCD / Plasma equipment and display cubes can be arranged according to the needs/ dimensions of the control center. Because of the screens are not framed, there will be no loss o f image quality and they can operate 24/7.

DLP Cube application locations

  • Control and Monitoring Rooms
  • Disaster and city coordination centers
  • Metro and railway signaling center
  • Telecommand Headquarters
  • SCADA Control Centers

Advantages of the DLP Cube system

  • Very Large Screen
  • High resolution
  • Working zones for multiple groups
  • User friendly, ease of use
  • Eliminating data loss
  • Redundant system

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We help increase the performance and productivity of power plants, we provide facilities for monitoring and security of switchyards and help delivery of electricity with the lowest possible losses. We achieve these by means of automation systems and electrical infrastructures we design and implement specifically to meet the requirements of our customers operating in the energy sector.


Flexible approach from Single Disciplinary Services up to Turn-key Projects.


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