Independent from the type of your power plant, our experience and engineering know-how allows us to provide ”Balance of Plant“ integration specific to your installations and turn-key system integration.

Balance of Plant includes systems, components and structures in a power plant other than the main generation system and heat recovery systems (e.g. gas turbines, steam turbines...). BOP aims to combine various independent control systems on a single platform.

Integration of these systems in an optimum way, ability to share data among systems and the flexibility introduced by this system are important parameters leading to the efficiency and productivity of a power plant.

Services we provide within the Balance of Plant package;

  • Modulation control
  • Sequence control
  • Boiler burning control
  • Feed water pump control
  • Boiler safety supervision
  • Data acquisition
  • Electrical system control
  • “Balance of Plant” equipment control
  • Stack gas desulphurization control
  • Turbine control
  • Turbine supervision instrumentation devices
  • Combined Cycle control
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Data transfer to ERP system
  • Boiler optimization
  • System efficiency map


We help increase the performance and productivity of power plants, we provide facilities for monitoring and security of switchyards and help delivery of electricity with the lowest possible losses. We achieve these by means of automation systems and electrical infrastructures we design and implement specifically to meet the requirements of our customers operating in the energy sector.



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