HV Cable Test Systems

• High voltage tests

• DC resistance tests

• Capacity measurement tests

• DC insulation tests

• Zero sequence tests

HV GIS Test Systems

• High voltage tests

• PD tests


• On-site commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance

• Tests on high voltage GIS systems

• AC resonant test system for on-site testing of GIS

• Up to 600 kV voltage level


• On-site commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance

• Tests on high voltage cables

• AC resonant test system for on-site testing of extruded HV cables

• The test system is able to perform tests on extruded cables according to IEC 60840 and 62067

• Up to 340 kV voltage level


• Protection test set and universal calibrator in one device

• Testing of all relay generations electromechanical, static, numerical, IEC 61850

• Highly accurate test signals. For meter testing: The sources are the reference - no additional reference meters are required

• Integrated network for testing IEC 61850 IEDs

• 10-channel analog measurement and transient recording functionality (option)

• Class 0,2 metering device test without any additional module

• Up to 800 A or 2000 V with up to 5 kVA over a frequency range of 15 Hz - 400 Hz or 400 A DC

• Excellent interference suppression facilitates measurement of small signals

• Easy to transport (just 29 kg) - Ideal for on-site testing

• Testing templates, automatically generated testing procedures and test reports

• Up to 2000 A or 12 kV through use of current or voltage amplifiers

• Current transformers & Voltage Transformer

• Ratio, burden and polarity, Phase and magnitude error, Excitation curve, Winding resistance, Secondary burden, Dielectric withstand, Voltage (2 kV AC), CT circuit continuity

• Transformer Ratio, Winding resistance, Tap changer test, Excitation current

• Short circuit impedance, Transformer demagnetization

• Lines and cables

• Impedance (k-factor), Transformer coupling

• Grounding systems

• Ground impedance, step and touch voltages

• Circuit breakers

• Contact resistance

• VT circuit continuity the following variables can be measured by extending the CPC 100 to include the


• Capacitance, Dissipation factor tan δ (tan delta), Power factor cos φ Watt losses

• Power (effective power, apparent power, reactive power)

• Impedance (absolute value, phase, inductance, resistance, quality)


• The patented test system replaces several individual testing devices and offers new, innovative testing methods

• The CPC 100 is the base for multiple accessories These facilitate further applications, such as tan delta measurements, as well as line and ground impedance measurements


Triple resistance reading input channels can measure three winding resistances simultaneously

• Two-wire (Kelvin) connections provide high accuracy and require no lead compensation

• Ability to measure and graph the resistance trace of a transformer LTC or voltage regulator contact during operation

• Transformer tap positions can be changed remotely using the unit’s built-in transformer load tap changer

• Three resistance-reading channels can measure resistance from 1 micro-ohm to 500 ohms, and the test current is programmable (1A, 5A, 10A, 40A). The LTCA-40 can also be used to measure

• EHV circuit-breaker contact resistance, motor winding resistance or any low resistance

• At the end of each test, the LTCA-40 automatically dissipates the stored energy in the transformer

• The built-in 4.5-inch wide thermal printer can print the breaker contact analysis results in both tabular and graphic formats

• The LTCA-40 features a back-lit LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels) that is viewable in both bright sunlight and low-light levels

• A rugged, alphanumeric, membrane keypad is used to control the unit


• Easy to use digital circuit breaker analyzer that is designed to be used with a PC

• It can fully analyze a circuit-breaker’s performance by testing the contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, and contact wipe

• Contact-motion analysis can be performed for all breaker contact operations (Open, Close, Open –

• Close, Close – Open, and Open – Close – Open)

• The DIGITMR S2 PC offers three dry-contact channels (for timing circuit breaker main and insertion resistor contacts), one digital transducer channel (to monitor CB contact motion), and two voltage monitoring channels

• Dry-contact input channels are used for timing circuitbreaker contacts

• One non-contact AC current sensor is used to monitor circuit breaker on-line current for the “online” timing


• Highest rate:0,8-15.00

• Identify 130 different types of 3-phase transformer defined in ANSI

• IEC and Australian standards

• 3 test voltage can be applied: 8 Vac, 40 Vac, 100 Vac

• Phase angle and excitation current measurement

• Computer interface (RS 232C and USB port)

• USB flash drive interface

• Tag conversion rate calculation

• % error calculation between measured and calculated rate

• Built-in 4.5 e thermal printer (optional)

• 100-264 Vac 50/60 Hz supply voltage


• Insulation resistance up to 20 TΩ

• Adjustable test voltage (50 V...10 kV) 50 V and 100 V step

• Programmable timer

• Capacitance measurement

• Charging rate for capacitive load < 3 s / μF at 10 kV

• Automatic discharge of test object after completion of measurement

• Guard terminal

• High voltage breakdown detection

• Custom defined tests

• Auto adjustment function

• Measurement results in numerical and graphical form

• PC software HV Link PRO for downloading and analyzing of the test results and test report printing

• Isolated RS232 and USB communication ports, BT interface

• High quality accessories including shielded test leads in standard set


• Supports all types of earthing resistance measurements:

• Standard earthing resistance measurement with spikes

• Selective earthing resistance test with one current clamp

• Selective (contactless) earthing resistance with two current clamps

• Specific earth resistance measurement

• Leakage current tests with current clamps

• Load current tests with current clamps

• High accuracy, very high immunity against external noise

• Preprogrammed limits

• PASS/FAIL evaluation of result

• Bright GREEN/RED indicators provides visual evaluation of results


• Automated and programmable wind protector

• 14-second automated tube heater

• Fully ruggedized for shock, dust and moisture

• Li-ion battery with 200 splices/shrinks per charge

• 5 mm cleave length for splice on connector or small package needs

• Sheath clamp or fiber holder operation

• On-board training and support videos

• Internet software upgrades

• Multi-function transit case with integrated workstation


• Adjustable test current up to 1 mA ... 10 A

• Current generator optimized for inductive measurements Up to 0.1 current resolution measurement up to 2500

• Automatic compensation against interference voltages

• Resistance calculation with reference temperature value (temperature compensation with Pt100 probe)

• High safety with automatic discharge after testing

• Audible and visual alarm when programmable alarm setpoint exceeds

• Recording memory for measurements(records 1500 measurements)


• High power battery capacity test system

• Discharging current up to 1300A with external loads (up to 9)

• Graphical display showing test parameters, curves and results

• Internal memory

• Light and easy to carry, with handles and wheels

• Shunt or clamp metering of an additional current

• Suitable for all battery type

CHAUVIN ARNOUX CA6550 15kV DC Insulation

• Wide measurement range from 10 k° to 30 T°

• Fixed or programmable test voltage from 40 V to 10/15 kV

• 5mA charging current

• Large backlit LCD screen with digital display, bargraph and R(t) +u(t), i(t) and i(u) graphs

• Automatic calculation of DAR / PI / DD / R (ppm/V) ratios

• Multiple test modes: voltage ramp and step

• with “burning”, “early break” and “I-limit” modes

• 3 filters to optimize measurement stability

• Calculation of R at a reference temperature

• Storage of 80,000 measurements and real-time clock

• Optically-isolated USB communication for transfer onto PC and report generation with the DataView® software


• Power Factor/Tan Delta testing to confirm insulation integrity and quality

• Capacitance testing to measure physical changes that may have occurred to the apparatus

• Turns ratio testing to detect shorted turns or winding damage

• Leakage reactance/short circuit impedance testing to evaluate winding deformation

• Single phase excitation current testing to evaluate the transformer magnetizing circuit

• Capacitor bank testing to detect deteriorating or failed capacitors within a bank

• Easy and accurate testing with Doble Test Assistant (DTA) software

METREL MI 3295st

• Measurement of step voltage and contact voltage

• Measurement of earthing resistance with resolution of 1 mΩ

• Measurement of specific earth resistance

• High accuracy of the measurements due to a high current of up to 50 A and effective suppression of noise

• Excellent immunity even against changing earth currents

• Autonomous step voltage meter: no need for long voltage leads

• Low weight

• High safety due to low output voltage (55 V)

• Downloads test results directly to the PC with the help of the professional PC SW package HVLink which enables analysis and documentation of test results

ISA STS500 & TD5000

• Fully automatic

• Primary injection testing capabilities: up to 800 A or up to 5000 A / 7000 A, with the optional module BUX 5000

• Tan Delta, capacitance, dissipation factor measurements and for exciting current test

• Variable output frequency: 15 - 500 Hz

• 2000 V AC high-pot test

• Local control by large color display

• PADS - Power Apparatus

• Diagnostic Software for automatic testing, assessment and report

• IEC 61850-9-2 communication protocol

• Patented technology for Capacitance and Tan Delta measurement

• USB interface and Ethernet interface for PC connection

• Compact and lightweight

• For USA and Germany only STS 3000 light with TD 5000 and/or TDX 5000 models are available DOBLE M4100 METREL MI 3295st ISA STS500 & TD5000


• The 800 Series DC Hipot Testers is a solution to DC field testing of cables, terminations, motors, generators and other electrical apparatus

• Test ability up to 80 kV

• Rugged and portable construction

• Internal discharge solenoid

• 2% metering accuracy

• Surge-limiting resistors in high voltage output

• Automatic earthing


We help increase the performance and productivity of power plants, we provide facilities for monitoring and security of switchyards and help delivery of electricity with the lowest possible losses. We achieve these by means of automation systems and electrical infrastructures we design and implement specifically to meet the requirements of our customers operating in the energy sector.



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