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New Generation Technology Company
Kontrolmatik, one of Turkey's leading engineering companies, is an engineering company, system integrator, technological product and solutions provider that offers value-added products and services to the energy and technology sectors.

Kontrolmatik was established in 2008 in Istanbul. Headquartered in Istanbul Esenler Koza Plaza, the Company provides services with its two factories, one of which is in operation and the other under construction, and offices in many countries. Kontrolmatik's main field of activity is power generation, transmission and distribution facilities, oil & natural gas, transportation, food & beverage, mining, smart agriculture & fertilizer and other industrial facilities such as cement, paper, iron-steel, chemistry; power plant subsidiaries, operational technologies, industrial software, control and security systems, communication, data processing, internet of things, power systems and turnkey solutions.

The company has successfully completed numerous projects in 33 countries with its experienced employees. The company provides operational technology solutions to its customers; realizes integration projects and software of operational technology packages with information technologies; All electrical, electromechanical, mechanical, construction and construction work, protection, control, monitoring, software, communication infrastructures, all necessary engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning services from basic design scope to cyber security needs under a single roof. performs under.

Kontrolmatik develops technologies in line with its activities in this sector and markets, carries out large system integration projects by establishing long-term solution partnerships with leading international companies in the sector, and sells end-to-end and turn-key products, services and systems with its own designs, software, products and solutions.

Controlling closely the trends in the world and the developments in technology, it has expanded its fields of activity in the process.

The company, which opened software and internet of things department in 2016, made investments in industry 4.0, technology and cyber security in the industry, and started to work in the fields of mobile energy systems, satellite and space technologies as of 2021.

One of Turkey's leading companies in digitalization, Kontrolmatik prepares its customers for the digital age with communication, protection, industrial security, control systems, internet of things and software solutions created by the joint efforts of its own engineers and solution partners, and solves the monitoring, control and security needs of their internal processes from a single point. . The company collects data from the field in a single center with its Controlix sensors and software developed by itself, and processes the incoming data and makes it available to its customers through its own online platform.  

The company, which manufactures portable energy generation, transmission and distribution equipment such as mobile substation, e-house, energy storage systems, mobile hybrid energy generation units in its Energy Mobile Solutions Factory with a closed area of 4,000 m2 in Ankara Kahramankazan, will be laid in early 2022 in Ankara. It will also produce Lithium-Ion (LiFePo4) battery cells and energy storage systems and state-of-the-art communication devices in its factory in Polatlı. One of the subsidiaries of the Company, Plan-S Satellite and Space Technologies A.Ş. It is preparing to send its own developed communication test satellites into orbit in 2022. With the project, which will be realized for the first time as a private sector initiative in Turkey, satellites will be created from various sectors by creating a broadcast network in Turkey and the surrounding region.  It is aimed to process the sensor data it will collect and send it to the earth.

The World's 28th Largest System Integrator

Having gained an important place in the international arena in a very short time, the Company is taking important steps in becoming a regional and global power. Entering the list of System Integrator Giants from the 44th rank in 2019, the company ranked 37th in the list of the world's largest system integrators published by CFE Media and Technology in 2020, and rose to the 28th rank in the same list in 2021. In 2022, it also maintained its ranking.


As Kontrolmatik Technologies, we create a sustainable and carbon-neutral future through our R&D studies.