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Sustainability Statement
Our mission is to integrate sustainability into our business model, while supporting our customers and partners with products, services, tailor-made and turnkey solutions, sales and marketing & innovations as a 360-degree service.

We are committed to providing and developing transparent, innovative and sustainable solutions that help our customers, partners and stakeholders to conduct business in a sustainable way in all aspects.


In line with this commitment:

- we act environmentally and socially responsible for our facilities, our office spaces, the people and communities living in the geographies in which we operate, and also for our planet, and we adopt this business style.


- we are committed to being transparent and reliable to our customers, partners, stakeholders and consumers while carrying out all our operations and activities. We support our products and services with globally recognized accredited certificates, analyses and systems with tangible sustainable metrics.


- to act in line with our principle of 'Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, to support gender equality, We provide employment to individuals regardless of age, race, origin and ethnicity, sect or belief, ability and disability, gender, religion, political opinion, culture/social class and sexual orientation, mental or physical disability. e diligently strive to promote fair opportunities and eliminate inequalities in the workforce to ensure fair treatment for all.


- we support sustainable design, and we blend sustainable innovations with the innovations and technologies we develop.


- we are committed to producing or developing innovations that do not encourage people to engage in negative behaviors such as using weapons, committing crimes, or inciting conflict, and that never encourage the use of addictive harmful substances such as tobacco.


-we are committed to adopting our sustainable brand values to all our partners, customers, stakeholders and consumers with whom we do business, through the transparent and effective marketing communication that we use in all media channels where our brand is on physical or social media.


- we strive to integrate our sustainability values into all our businesses at all levels and to inspire all sectors with our ever-developing technological sustainable solutions and sustainability approach.

Sustainable Solutions
KONTROLMATIK Technologies commits to innovate sustainable, transparent and innovative solutions that help its customers and partners to drive and transact into sustainable business inside out.
Sustainable Solutions