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Sustainability Governance
For a Healthier Planet

We name our Sustainability Governance Strategy as PLANEARTH. And we are committed to protect the ecosystem, increase biodiversity, provide more accessible clean energy & water for our planet and communities, and work to increase the welfare of the communities where we do business.


In line with these commitments, our Company constantly conducts Management Discussion and Analysis of all Sustainability activities internally and reports their results transparently in the ESG Progress Report, click to view;  esgprogressreport.pdf

Sustainability Governance
Environmental Management, Social Management, Sustainable Finance, Sustainability Performance
Sustainability Governance
Environmental Management
Environmental Management

We act in line with the principle of responsible production and service within the framework of our “Planearth” sustainability strategy, which is compatible with global objectives, in all our production facilities, processes, activities, services and technologies we develop.

As of 2022, we are working for Clean Energy (SDG 7) and Responsible Production and Consumption (SDH 12) among the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals within the scope of our membership in Turkey to the UN Global Compact (UNGC).

We carry out our activities within the framework of the following 6 basic principles in line with the Environmental Management Policy of Kontrolmatik Technologies:

1. Preventing environmental pollution and increasing environmental awareness.
2. Holding liable use of energy and natural resources.
3. Protection of all underground & surface water resources and marine resources, responsible use of water resources.
4. Mitigate and adapt to climate change.
5. To adopt circular economy and zero waste practices as a principle.
6. Contributing to the conservation and improvement of biodiversity and ecosystem.


We undertake to carry out all our activities within the framework of current laws and regulations, comply with all the standards set by our company, and strive to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and project partners, including but not limited to these.


Our Certificates

1. ISO Integrated Management Systems Certificates
We have ISO Integrated Management Systems certificates for our Mobile Solutions factory and head office.

2. LEED Green Building Certificate
We started the LEED certification process with qualified consultants for our POMEGA factory, which will produce new Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, and for our other building. We handled the process from the construction and renovation phase to fulfill its requirements.

Social Management
Social Management

While carrying out our activities, we try to manage the social dimensions of our activities in the best way as much as the importance we attach to environmental management.

We also care about our employees, the stakeholders and partners we work with, and the development of the people in the geographies where we do business, and we share them in our sustainability approach.

In line with our 'Diversity, Equality and Inclusion' principle and by carrying out projects in various countries, especially in disadvantaged geographies, we support gender equality, employ individuals regardless of age, race and ethnicity, talent and disability, gender, religion, culture and sexual orientation, and provide fair treatment to everyone. We promote fair opportunities in the workforce.

We believe in the female workforce at work and we develop social responsibility and partnership projects for its visibility.

As of 2022, we are working and collaborating for Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Partnership for Goals (SDH 17), 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, within the scope of our Turkey membership to the UN Global Compact (UNGC).

Sustainable Finance
Sustainable Finance

In line with our sustainability approach, as Kontrolmatik, we invest in energy, technology and innovation, while also investing in the health and future of our planet.

Because we know that we can only maintain a sustainable existence and continue our activities as long as we create a healthy society and ecosystem.

While developing our sustainability approach day by day, in all our business decisions and actions we take. In addition to financial and regulatory risks, we also take into account environmental, social and governance risks and developments.


Our Istanbul Stock Exchange BIST Sustainability Index is evaluated by an accredited institution.



We are in the process of application and valuation preparations to obtain the Istanbul Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Index.

Sustainability Performance
Sustainability Performance

As Kontrolmatik, we act in line with our 360° sustainability approach and corporate principles in all our activities and business model practices, while providing end-to-end solutions and services.
While we turn our intentions into action, we see it as a responsibility to know and improve the environmental, social and governance risks of all our business dimensions as a whole and to share this with all our customers, stakeholders and partners who do business with us, in line with our transparency principle.


Our valuation is carried out by a globally independent accredited institution. When our 'Environmental & Social and Governance' score is announced, we will share it with you here.

Stakeholder Engagement Approach
Stakeholder Engagement Approach

We embrace a transparent, open and trust-based way of working and relationship with all our internal and external stakeholders whom we interact directly and indirectly in our wider ecosystem, where sustainable communication and governance approach are dominated.



We define our stakeholders as all collaborators who are impacted by our activities, are able to live our brand and sustainability values, and can create a common asset and positive impact to strengthen our company.



We put great emphasis on keeping same distant to all our stakeholders, be solution oriented and compromising through our way of conducting business. For this reason, we respect and take into account their opinions and expectations till utmost.



We consider the conditions of societies more located in disadvantaged geographies where we carry out all business activities, and give priority to this through our communication with our stakeholders.


We maintain our continuous and effective communication with our stakeholders individually and virtually by face-to-face visits, instant calls and frequent on-line meetings. We also regularly conduct periodic employee satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, reputation surveys, face-to-face stakeholder participation events and update meetings.


We take it as principle to impose our own sustainability value and approach to our stakeholders for a sustainable growth. And as we own an effective and feedback-open communication style, we are able to continuously improve our approach while integrating best sustainable practices of our stakeholders as well.