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Process Industry
Kontrolmatik offers end-to-end solutions for both conventional systems and digital processes.
Kontrolmatik offers end-to-end solutions for both conventional systems and digital processes.

Kontrolmatik offers software, control system, electrification and instrumentation solutions with high added value for industrial facilities and heavy industry establishments at a single point. Having extensive knowledge and experience of international standards that form the basis of design and application in the process industry, the Company has wide-scale solutions for the following products and services with its proven design, assembly and project management capabilities:

Electrical & mechanical system designs
Supply, installation and construction
Industry 4.0 production level infrastructure design and installations
Internet of Things (IoT)
Mechanical and electrical installation
Process control solutions (PLC, SCADA, RTU, DCS)
Facility information systems (PI)
Production management systems (MES)
Compact command center solutions
obile data center solutions
Conventional + Digital
Kontrolmatik provides end-to-end digital solutions for both conventional systems and digital processes, increases its references in chemistry & medicine, iron & steel, cement, paper, textile, food & beverage facilities day by day and initiates long-term partnerships with its satisfied customers.
Conventional + Digital
Facilities Generating Their Own Energy
Facilities Generating Their Own Energy

Kontrolmatik also provides its customers with solutions for production facilities that are more sustainable and have a low carbon footprint. The company designs and commissions plants that produce its own energy in order to fight rising energy costs in global markets and to have more competitive prices. With the process improvements and digitalization studies, more efficient facilities are obtained, while contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Wind power plants, roof and land type solar power plants and the potential green energy sources in the factories are evaluated, and the electricity produced by the waste heat recovery systems is used in the facility. In addition, with the energy storage systems provided, it is possible to store the idle energy and use it again at a high capacity when needed.