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Turnkey E-HOUSE Solutions from Production to Field Testing and Commissioning
Turnkey E-HOUSE Solutions from Production to Field Testing and Commissioning

Kontrolmatik manufactures turnkey prefabricated & containerized E-HOUSE at its Mobile Energy Solutions Factory in Ankara, Türkiye, from engineering to the production of the entire system, from equipment supply to system integration, from factory tests to field testing and commissioning.



Designed by the experienced engineering teams of Kontrolmatik, E-HOUSE contain all the necessary components for a substation to supply power and offer easy and flexible solutions to customers. Uninterrupted energy supply is a critical focus for Private Companies and Utilities, creating the need for solutions and equipment that can support the grid during an emergency or planned outages. Taking proactive measures with Kontrolmatik mobile substation solutions is vital to provide a flexible network that minimizes power outages.

Containerized / Prefabricated E-HOUSE Solutions
Containerized / Prefabricated E-HOUSE Solutions

Kontrolmatik manufactures domestic compact mobile electricity distribution centers, especially for facilities such as power plants, factories and mines in its Ankara factory. The system, called e-house, depends on the specific application.  It is a prefabricated electrical room pre-commissioned as a standardized or customized mobile unit. It is a sub-system in the electrification infrastructure of a facility, consisting of various products, all electrically and mechanically interconnected.



With its e-house and compact solutions, Kontrolmatik completes all systems from planning and engineering to installation and commissioning in its factory, and offers plug-and-play solutions in the field.

“Plug & Play” Electrical Rooms: E-House
“Plug & Play” Electrical Rooms: E-House

E-House is a compact power distribution solution manufactured, tested, approved in our production facility. E-House includes Medium Voltage switchgear, motor control centers, transformers, HVAC, UPS and building management and control systems. Thanks to qualified and reliable design, it helps to shorten construction lead times, optimize transportation, installation and commissioning costs, and increase working time. E-House is the ideal solution for projects in all kinds of industries, such as Oil and Gas, Mining and Transportation, Offshore, Utilities, Electro-intensive industries or Railways.

Kontrolmatik E-House Solutions Everywhere; Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and America
Kontrolmatik E-House Solutions Everywhere; Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and America

Our produced turnkey E-house solutions that we produce have all ISO certifications and have also gained certifications specific to regional needs. These prefabricated or conteinerized electrical rooms (EHOUSE) are formed by assembling all the systems that should be in a distribution room into containers or prefabricated structures, all the certified equipment it contains is commissioned at the factory beforehand and the tests are completed before it comes to the field.



E-house systems are made ready for use in the factory with the pre-commissioning of temporary, emergency or permanent energy distribution systems and are ready for use when sent to the region where they will be used. After the cable connections are made, it is quickly commissioned in the field, saving time and cost during the initial investment and operation.

Advantages of E-House
Advantages of E-House

These pre-commissioned energy distribution solutions that E-HOUSE has many advantages for process industry, mining, power plants, cities and more. The advantages of E-HOUSE Solutions are listed below;


-Can be comptleted shorter time than conventional solutions.

-Reduce engineering & design phase

-Decrease site installation with easy integration

-Can save space instead of buildings

-Can be designed as ISO standart or customized dimensions

-Delivery time is not affected depending on site conditions

-Can be transport after plant complete lifetime

-Reduce cable cost between integrated equipments

-Decrease commissioning phase with pre-commissioned E-Houses

Flexible and Tailor-made Mobile Substation Solutions
Flexible and Tailor-made Mobile Substation Solutions

Increase safety for people and equipment:



Built-in arc protection and thermal insulation.

Equipment protection in harsh environments.

Compliance with local standards.






One partner for the complete distribution solution.

One project management team simplifies processes, time management, and control.

One engineering design team optimizes costs.



Reduce costs:



CAPEX reduction thanks to reduced engineering, installation, and commissioning costs.

The complete engineered solution is controlled, tested and pre-commissioned within the factory it enables to save time on-site.

OPEX reduction via a highly serviceable design and local technical experts.

Enhanced uptime due to qualified and reliable design.

Advanced E-House Engineering Studies
Advanced E-House Engineering Studies

Developing suitable solutions in E-House product requires experience. As Kontrolmatik, we make all electrical, static and mechanical designs of E-House products with our strong engineering staff. Some of the standards that our company, which produces and designs in accordance with Europe, America, Turkey and many other standards, works are as follows; ANSI/ASME/AISC/NEMA/ASTM/AWS, TSE, SI, EUROCODE/IEC/EN/BS.

E-House Production from A to Z with a Strong Production Staff
E-House Production from A to Z with a Strong Production Staff

Kontrolmatik carries out all E-House manufacturing within its body and exports it to 32 countries with its mobile energy solutions factory in Ankara, Turkey with an area of 8.000 m2. The E-House, whose design is completed according to the region and need in which they will be used, pass to the production stage. Base, steel skeleton, interior-exterior wall panels, roof etc. prefabricated structure is revealed. Parallel to this, the production of the electrical equipment, which is planned to be located, continues and the mechanical assembly is completed.After the factory test and commissioning works are completed, it is ready for transport to the region where it will be used.

E-House Usage Areas
E-House Usage Areas

Our E-House products, which serve as plug-and-play in prefabricated / container types, operate smoothly in harsh conditions between -40 and +50 degrees. Our E-House (electric room) products, which are used in many different areas, are generally preferred in the following situations:



-When an emergency power supply is required,

-Spare unit in case of natural disasters,

- When continuity of service is required for planned construction, maintenance and inspection programs,

-In excess of capacity needs,

-In new facility installations.

Compact Solutions
Compact Solutions

Kontrolmatik produces turnkey compact solutions from engineering, production, equipment supply, assembly and integration to factory and field testing and commissioning at the Mobile Solutions Factory in Ankara.

What is the E-House?
What is the E-House?

1.Purpose: The primary purpose of an Engineering House is to centralize and protect critical electrical and instrumentation equipment in an industrial facility. This can include switchgear, motor control centers, transformers, control systems, and other essential components.


2.Prefab Construction: E-Houses are typically constructed off-site as modular units. This allows for standardized designs and efficient assembly, reducing on-site construction time and costs.


3.Electrical Distribution: E-Houses house electrical distribution equipment, including circuit breakers, transformers, and switchgear. This centralized location facilitates the efficient distribution of electrical power to various parts of the industrial facility.


4.Instrumentation and Control Systems: In addition to electrical components, E-Houses often accommodate instrumentation and control systems. This includes control panels, distributed control systems (DCS), and other monitoring and automation equipment necessary for the operation of the facility.


5.HVAC Systems: To ensure the proper functioning of sensitive electronic equipment, E-Houses are equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These systems help regulate temperature and humidity levels inside the house.


6.Fire Suppression and Safety Features: Given the critical nature of the equipment housed within, E-Houses are equipped with fire suppression systems and other safety features to protect against potential hazards.


7.Modularity and Scalability: E-Houses are designed to be modular and scalable. As industrial facilities expand or equipment requirements change, additional E-Houses can be added or modified to accommodate the evolving needs of the facility.


8.Transportability: E-Houses are often designed for ease of transportation. They can be transported to the construction site and easily integrated into the overall facility infrastructure.


By consolidating critical electrical and instrumentation equipment in a dedicated structure, E-Houses contribute to the efficiency, safety, and reliability of industrial operations. Their modular design and prefabrication make them a practical solution for various engineering and construction projects.

Industries For E-House Applications
Industries For E-House Applications

1. Power Generation:
- E-Houses are frequently used in power plants, including coal, gas, nuclear, and renewable energy facilities.
- They house essential electrical distribution and control equipment for power generation and transmission.


2. Oil and Gas:
- E-Houses are deployed in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas facilities.
- They house equipment for power distribution, control systems, and instrumentation critical to the extraction, processing, and transportation of oil and gas.


3. Mining:
- In mining operations, E-Houses serve as centralized hubs for electrical and control equipment, supporting various mining processes and machinery.


4. Chemical and Petrochemical:
- Chemical and petrochemical plants utilize E-Houses to house electrical and control systems for the processing and manufacturing of chemicals and petrochemical products.


5. Water and Wastewater Treatment:
- E-Houses are employed in water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities to house electrical and control equipment essential for water purification and treatment processes.


6. Manufacturing:
- Industries such as automotive, steel, and other manufacturing sectors use E-Houses to centralize electrical distribution and control systems for their production facilities.


7. Renewable Energy:
- E-Houses are utilized in renewable energy projects, including solar and wind farms, to house electrical equipment related to power generation and distribution.


8. Data Centers:
- E-Houses can be used in data centers to house electrical distribution systems, backup power systems, and control equipment for efficient and reliable data center operations.


9. Transportation Infrastructure:
- E-Houses are used in transportation sectors like railways and airports to house electrical and control systems for signaling, lighting, and other critical infrastructure.


10. Telecommunications:
- In the telecommunications industry, E-Houses can be used to house equipment related to power distribution, backup power systems, and control systems for communication networks.


11. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology:
- E-Houses find applications in pharmaceutical and biotech facilities to house electrical and control systems supporting the production of pharmaceutical products.


These are just a few examples, and the use of E-Houses can extend to various other industries where centralized housing of electrical and instrumentation equipment is necessary for efficient and safe operations. The modular and scalablenature of E-Houses makes them adaptable to the specific needs of different industries and projects.

Why Kontrolmatik?
Why Kontrolmatik?

1. Customization and Flexibility:
- Kontrolmatik offers customization options to meet the specific needs of our clients. The ability to tailor E-Houses to unique project requirements set our company apart.

2. Innovative Technology Integration:
- Kontrolmatik stay at the forefront of technological advancements in E-House design. We Integrate the latest smart technologies, energy-efficient solutions, and advanced control systems to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

3. Modular Design and Scalability:
- We emphasize the modular design of our E-Houses, highlighting the ease of scalability. This flexibility allows for quick adaptation to changing project requirements and expansion plans.

4. Quality and Reliability:
- We ensure high quality construction and reliability in our E-Houses. We ensure the longevity and performance of our product through rigorous testing, compliance with industry standards and the use of durable materials.

5. Efficient Project Management:
- Thanks to our project management processes to deliver E-Houses on time and within budget. Reliable project timelines and efficient execution are significant competitive advantage of Kontrolmatik.

6. Cost-Effective Solutions:
- Kontrolmatik offers cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. It provides competitive pricing through efficient production processes, economies of scale and strategic sourcing.

7. Environmental Sustainability:
- Kontrolmatik incorporate energy efficient components and sustainable practices into our E-Houses. We would like to emphasize that we are aware of our environmental responsibilities for a greener future.

8. Global Presence and Support:
- We form strategic partnerships with other industry leaders, suppliers or technology providers to enhance our company's capabilities and deliver comprehensive solutions.

9. Customer Support and Training:
- We offer excellent customer support, including training programs to help our customers effectively operate and maintain E-Houses. We always support our customers by building long-term relationships through ongoing support.

10. Industry Certifications and Compliance:
- We confirm relevant industry certifications and compliance with international standards. This is our commitment to safety and quality standards ensuring high quality and standardization.

11. Collaborative Partnerships:
- We form strategic partnerships with other industry leaders, suppliers or technology providers to enhance our company's capabilities and deliver comprehensive solutions.